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Artists At The Centre - Exhibition of Children's Artwork
exhibit 8

The Journey

The educators in Reggio Emilia invite us to think with them about the ideas they have formulated and to find ways to make sense of them in our own culture. This is not a curriculum model or recipe. It is a worldview. We cannot have it here the way we can have a fast food franchise virtually anywhere we see fit to hang out a shingle. Our culture is different. Our questions and possibilities are different. What we can do is to incline toward it - to think about the quality of the aesthetic experiences we provide for children and the beauty of the environment of their classroom,about how we view children, how we view time, how we value art and learning and teaching and collaboration.

We hope this exhibition will be recognized for the attempt that it has made to make children's learning visible.The journey continues.

-Karyn Callaghan

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One community's exploration of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.