Artists at the Centre

Artists At The Centre - Exhibition of Children's Artwork
Exhibit 3

Plasticene provides a different texture and colours and allows for easier revision than do marking pens or collage. Knowing this can allow for thoughtful choices of media for particular representation.

Scale and dimension also have impact. Harvest people, stuffed with straw and wearing the children's clothes, have a front and a back and insides and outsides and height. Inuksuks made of rock can have a human-like shape, or not, can guide the way by pointing, or merely stand as a statement that someone travelled this way. All of these figures can be taken apart and rebuilt endlessly. Like us, they are in a sense always under construction. Discoveries about balance and weight and proportion combine with realization that sticks, stones, grasses and clay can also be languages, and that they have been used for this purpose by people in different places and times to tell stories.

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