Artists at the Centre

Artists At The Centre - Exhibition of Children's Artwork
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Professor David Booth from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto offers a definition of art as "representation with intent". That is certainly what we see in this exhibition. The evidence is in the artwork itself, and also in the documentation of the process, the photographs and conversation that have been generated by the artists and educators. The documentation helps us to see the intent as well as the impact of adults and children collaborating.

Sometimes "the intent" is to explore an idea or to find answers to such fundamental questions as who we are. Seeing and responding to life-size outlines of their own bodies led the children to look closely in mirrors and through cameras to refine their perceptions of themselves.
Perhaps finding ourselves in others is one of our most basic quests. Representing ideas about robots and aliens is another part of this exploration. Showing what we're not is a way to come closer to understanding who we are.

It is not enough to make just one attempt to represent perceptions, ideas or fantasies and then move on to another topic or activity. Paint and markers and moulding materials provide endless opportunity for representation and re-representation. For example, self-portraits can take many forms, often beginning with line drawings

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